Becoming a Coach

The ARU, in consultation with the State Unions is responsible for course content and accreditation. Coaching programs can be divided into two categories;

  • Accreditation Courses;
    • Smart Rugby (2 year qualification)
    • Level One
    • Level Two
    • Level Three
  • Certificate Courses (non-accredited);
    • Foundation Course
    • Coaching Kids Rugby
    • Junior Sevens
    • Senior Sevens

Accreditation courses are registered with the Australian Sports Commission and coaches have a 'licence' for four (4) years. After that time the coach must either re-accredit or complete a higher level of coaching accreditation.

Each State Union run numerous courses during the year at major venues with professionally trained staff.

The coaching structure in Australia for accredited coures is as follows:



Accreditation Level Course Summary Coaching Course Presenter

Level 1


18 years of Age
SmartRugby Compliant

State Coaching Coordinator
Duration It is recommended that participants attend a Foundation Course 1 day Professionally trained Level II / III Accredited
Assessments Workbook; Coach/Law Exam; mentor session; & ARU Assessor ARU Trained Assessors
Level 2 Pre-requisites Level 1 + 1 yrs Coaching Experience or RPL/RCC; SmartRugby Compliant  State Coaching Coordinator and/or ARU
Duration 3 days Professionally trained level II/III Acredited
Assessment Workbook; 60 hrs practical coaching; Law exam; ARU Assessor ARU trained assessors
Level 3 Pre-requisutes Level II Accredited; Attend Advanced Coaching Seminars; 7 yrs Coaching Experience; SmartRugby Compliant ARU or Consultant
Duration 12 months ARU Coach Development Manager
Assessment 2 x 4 day Camps; Monthly assignments; major written project  


Advanced Coaching Seminars

State Unions often run Advanced Seminars for Level II coaches with experience. These act as 'up-date' courses and will aid in the re-accreditation process.