Nutrition Program


The ARU High Performance Unit is committed to providing progressive, integrated and the highest quality performance focused nutrition services to players and coaches across all levels of rugby.
Through the National Academy Program, players are provided with the highest quality performance nutrition services to enable them to optimise training quality & adaptations, including optimisation of body composition, as well as facilitating recovery between sessions & enhancing game performance. This is realized by the development of a plan that is integrated into other national programs such as strength and conditioning.
We aim to enhance an athlete’s knowledge of optimal nutrition for rugby performance while simultaneously facilitating the development of practical skills like food preparation that allows this knowledge to become the practice of implementing sports nutrition principles into the athletes day to day life.
The nutrition resources available on this page have been developed to complement the knowledge & skills you acquire from day to day work with your performance nutrition coordinator. If there is anything on this page that you do not understand or want further information on, please take the time to see the performance nutrition coordinator who services your program.

National Performance Nutrition Newsletters

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