Anthony Moyes

Anthony Moyes

State: NSW
Panel: National 7's Coordinator
Association: ARU

Year Commenced Refereeing:


Years on NMOT:

Joined in 2012


Hornsby North Public School

Barker College

Macquarie University - Bachelor of Education

Profession outside of refereeing:

Primary School Teacher

Interests outside of refereeing:

Family, long distance running and red wine

Rugby Playing History:

Schoolboy - playing rugby at school and then with Gordon Rugby Club for about 4 years. 

Refereeing Pathway:

Traditional - I started refereeing games at school and then after leaving school, continued to referee school games of increasing standard, especially when returning from injuries. When I decided to stop playing due to further injuries, it was an easy transition into refereeing. I was lucky to receive opportunities early on and made the most of them. 

What got you into refereeing?

At school, many of the teachers refereed, including my father and so there was a positive culture at the time of staff / students getting involved in refereeing. When I kept getting injured as a player, refereeing was an easy way to stay involved in rugby. It was fun, challenging and I was given great opportunities. 

Best on-field moment(s)

Refereeing a Hong Kong 7’s final - specifically being able to stand between the teams during the national anthems and appreciate the moment. 

Best off-field moment(s)

No one specific moment or moments, but being able to see some amazing cities and places whilst traveling for the World Sevens Series. I am extremely lucky to have had the experiences that I have had. 

Funniest refereeing moment

Have a skydiver land on the pitch in Vegas during the 3rd / 4th playoff that I was refereeing. He was the delivering the match ball for the final, but my game had gone into extra time. Once he had jumped, he couldn’t delay his landing! 

Best refereeing advice you have ever been given?

Stop talking!


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